Who We Are?

Your one-stop-shop for all varieties of chicken feed…

About us

We are an indigenous chicken feed manufacturing company that sells a wide range of chicken feed products ranging from starter to finisher to layer mash. We are in the Nigerian state of Imo. To our loyal customers, we offer comprehensive farm consultancy, raw material sales, and affordable feed products.

We are uniquely positioned and established in Nigeria to be a one-stop chicken production factory for the international market at large.

We have proven to deliver cost-effective products to wholesale and retail customers across Nigeria in our 11 years of operation.


Every product we make is one-of-a-kind and high in nutritional value for chickens. Our in-house production team thrives on a challenge and delivers high-quality products that meet our clients’ needs.

Our nutritionists oversee the entire manufacturing process, from concept to completion, and work closely with customers to develop market-ready products.

Extraordinary Experiences

We are confident of our values because of our extraordinary experiences due to the challenges we faced piercing through the south eastern consumer market in Nigeria, delivering a vast range of our products to both urban and rural ares.

Our Core Values

We are known for delivering quality poultry feed products across the country. Our core values are not limited to;


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